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...cause I know you'll only change it

Writer's Block: Hit the road, Cupid
sailor moon
If you had the power, would you permanently eliminate Valentine's Day?

I would eliminate commercialized Valentine's Day. I think the day should pretty much stick to something sentimental, handmade, a homemade card, flowers, and just spending time together. Romantically themed/sweetheart events/outings are fine. But big presents, big deals, hallmark cards and pink shit everywhere is annoying. Valentine's day should really just be about showing love, not how much money you can spend on things that took no thought or effort.

Advertising for Valentine's Day starting right after Christmas? No. Enough of that. I had a great Valentine's this year and all that stuff still makes me wanna gag and is unnecessarily stressful. I was happy just with time together and going out to eat and a winery was great, but we can do those things anytime, it doesn't have to be solely for Valentine's day and I'm lucky to be with a guy who agrees.

Washington State (interesting!)
I was watching the news before work this morning and learned that Washington state has 4 out of 9 of thw world's floating bridges.

I didn't know they were so rare!

Cool :)

Other interesting thing's about Washington: we have the largest ferry system in the world, and I'm pretty sure we had the world's first gas station.

tired of sunsets, think i need a sunrise
Steph, oz
Sometimes it feels like a lot has changed, and sometimes it feels like nothing has changed at all.

minimizing the bad chemicals

I'm trying to re-vamp my life. Walk the talk, improve upon things, and get healthier.

I'm eating less and less animal products all together and trying to eat healthier foods. I finally became a member of the co-op, should have done it years ago.
Also, I've been using my hippie shampoo and have been really good about using natural products with ingredients that I know. I've also started experimenting with creating my own body wash, and have started a collection of essential oils to add to things.Yay nature.
I'm typing this with honey on my face as a mask. Haha, we'll see how that goes. I know honey technically isn't vegan, but I don't know much about the honey production procedure either.
Everything else I've been experiementing with is pretty awesome too. Lots of tea-tree oil and jojoba oil. What I picked up today are cinnamon leaf oil and evening primrose oil. I plan on adding it to a lavendar castile soap mixture I'm creating. The only other ingredients I'm curious about are aloe and witch hazel. But I'm saving my money for those ingredients later.

I just wanna get my life, and body under control.

Side note: I could go for a warm, sunny, Western Australian beach right about now. I can smell the amazing salty air and taste the water.

Let the Right One In

I keep trying to watch my "Let The Right One In" DVD but it keeps hanging up every 2 seconds, very frustrating.  I've been really looking forward to it! The DVD acts like it's scratched but doesn't look scratched :( Either way, I want to try and fix it somehow...

Dying to see the movie. So far not as impressed with Swedish as I am with other languages though lol. But I've only been able to really watch the first 10 minutes until it quits on me.

P.S. Speaking of languages, I've been very interested in learning French. However, independent study is not my strong suit. Independent anything is not my strong suit really.

puppy :(
friendship-usagi and luna

It sucks that basically all I've ever wanted is a dog. But dog's make things more complicated and are expensive.

I've thought seriously over the last few days on what it would be like to have a dog in my current situation. Right now I have the perfect schedule for a puppy, I make a decent amount of money only working a few days a week and would have a lot of time to spare.

But at this rate my life is going no where, and I should probably work on that. Getting a dog might make me stuck, less flexible to move around or go away for work.

Also, I had/have big plans of going away to travel again or possibly grad school abroad. But that's probably 2 years away, it's so hard to deny something that I know would really enrich my life because of plans that may or may not happen 2 years from now.

I was thinking at first it could probably work out. Raise a puppy with my fitting schedule now, then find a good/real job that hopefully would make me able to afford doggy-day-care during work-hours. I think I'd have a relatively easy time finding short-term dog sitters also, for smaller trips. And  maybe shorten my trip to Europe. But do I really want to do that? or do I want my year of freedom? Probably my year of freedom, but the next 2 years getting there will be pretty miserable. I'm not really enjoying life, especially since Burrito moved down to Seattle yesterday and my jobs aren't exactly making me happy.

This sucks. I've found an adorable puppy too, exactly what I've always wanted. A male blue merle Aussie with a tail (because it's not from a breeder).

Good time to have a puppy now, but maybe not a good time to have a dog over the next few years...but it's what I want :(

Any advice is helpful.

Nevermind. It's probably not a good idea since my life is unstable and I don't know what I want to do.

By the time I finally get a dog I'll be too old and lame to enjoy it. :(

I'm really pissed that we didn't have a family dog when I was growing up.

Light Blue
sailor moon
Meme from artista4you
10 things I love (or like) in the color: light blue (as assigned by Ros!)

1. The sky... 
2. especially in Australia
3. Your eyes
4. My eyes
5. Lake McKenzie (most amazing, most light blue lake I've ever seen).
6. The sea
7. things painted light blue - art, bedroom walls
8. my planner
9. Devil's Punch Bowl
10. blue birds

Wow, that was a lot harder than it should be.

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, QSD Aus
Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, QSD

everyone dancing in the fire, fire, fire
sailor moon
I always overthink what to say to people and how to say it, so much so that I usually end up saying  things that are even more stupid  than I would have said in the first place and end up with opposite results than what I was going for. I feel like this happens quite a bit.

I mean "stupid"  in various ways, sometimes what I say makes me sound like an idiot, and sometimes I mean "stupid" by I said something I just shouldn't have, and that's what usually gets me results that I don't want.

It also get's me into sticky situations sometimes. Something I definitely need to work on.

I need to learn to stand my ground and just say what I mean.

I also need to work on articulating better lol.

I'm not an expert or anything, but a B.A.'s gotta count for something
I often feel like people don't take my degree in environmental studies seriously and it's starting to get really frustrating. I studied for 4 years to get that degree. I know it doesn't make me a genius, but it means I know what I'm taking about, even if I don't always articulate myself well or if I'm able to bust out statistics I wish I could. Also, environment and politics can be a sticky topic and I don't want to push my beliefs on anyone else, but when it comes to things that are real, and not just ideologies I know what I'm talking about...and if I don't, I wont pretend I do. Like I said, I'm not an expert, but I'm not an idiot that doesn't know more than how to hug a tree.

Sometimes I really just want to be left alone. You know, I never start arguments with people or push my morals on anyone, but somehow, caring about the environment and being a vegetarian makes people want to be assholes to you, even when you don't say a goddamn word about their lifestyle.

I could tell you that the chicken whose eggs you eat was probably deformed from being crammed into a cage and its skin growing around the bars, had it's beak chopped off, and was fed chemicals that are most definitely being transferred into your body. I could tell you that there's no such thing as humane veal, and that they chain calves down into a box and probably don't ever walk before they are slaughtered. I could tell you that sows aren't even able to turn around in the pens they are kept in. That unwanted male "layer" chicks are literally thrown into the garbage to die from starvation or suffocation. That some livestock, on top of the antibiotics and hormones they are fed, are also fed arsenic and cardboard. That most vegetables are GMO. That our water is full of antibiotics and chemicals and hormones from drugs that we piss into the sewer systems. That the oceans are going straight to hell from overfishing, pollution, and general destruction. That they destroy whole mountains, literally blow up whole mountains, to mine for coal. That your body, espeically in the PNW is laden with polychlorinated biphenyl and polybrominated diphenyl ether, flame retardants, and you probably never even had a chance to be free of them because they were in your mothers' breast milk. That declawing your cat is a selfish thing to do. That employees in factory farms and slaughter houses often abuse the animals before they are slughtered (and some in SICK, SICK ways). That there are no regulations on poultry slaughter. That it's very likely that you've eaten meat that's had literal shit on it. That non-organic cotton is one of the largest sources of chemicals/pesticides in agriculture. That in the U.S. chemicals in products don't have to be tested before they are put on the market for humans. That basically everything is full of shit you don't want in or on your body.

But you know what, I don't tell you that. I leave it the hell alone. I don't want to make you care, because I care, and I'll do what I think is right when I can and am happy to discuss things, but not to argue. Because people can believe what they want. And if ignorance is bliss for you, that's just fine. I just want to be left alone. I just want to be left alone, eat what I want without being hassled, and believe in what I want without being hassled.

I need to start brushing up on my current events and stay on top of things so I can kick ass in conversations. It also makes me want to go back to school a little bit, and get better, more knowledgeable. Only because I know my personality isn't good at independent study.

And sometimes I just want to leave and start new, so people will leave me alone. Maybe if I go live in a hippie commune I will be able to live in peace. It'd be nice to be immersed with some people who are way more radical than I am. lol. Because believe me, I do so little compared to what I wish I could do, or what things I should just be doing better, and I'm tired of being treated like an ignorant hippie for the so little things I do do. I like to joke around about being a hippie, and I like hippies, but I don't like the stereotype negative people use it as. I could and should be doing so much more. I might joke about being a hippie, but I'm educated.

I'm just tired of people with negative, all-or-nothing, or just general asshole-attitudes.
(For example, "For every animal you don't eat, I'll eat two." That actually really pisses me off. Because I never did anything to anybody, never said a goddamn word about other people eating meat, and here I am trying to make a difference in my own personal way, and there's someone saying, "Fuck you, I'm going to ruin this for you.")

It doesn't have to be all or nothing all the time. Just do what you can, if you want to, don't get defeated if it's not something you can do all the time.  You can make a difference without being vegetarian by eating meals without meat a couple times a week, or recycling a little bit more diligently sometimes, or sometimes walking instead of driving. It doesn't have to always be one extreme or another.

I'm frustrated. I should stop now.

Writer's Block: News development
What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

The event that comes to mind was the night Princess Di died in that car crash. I remember my mom being really upset and crying. I remember being in the living room and watching the news with her, and remember some of the images.

There was something nice about princess's still mattering in the 20th century, and that Princess Di did so many meaningful things. She definitely died too young and I feel bad that she was under a lot of different family pressures.

Oh and learning that paprazzi are awful.


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